Discover our Negroni by Johnny Rose

A ready to-drink Negroni, concocted by Oriental Elixir’s Head Bartender, Johnny… using our Cranberry Gin.

Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes

  • Notes

    Citrusy nose, with earth undertones. Hint of berries and oak in the middle, slightly floral with a dry finish.

  • Strength

    ABV 25%

  • Ingredients

    Tanglin's Cranberry Gin, Sweet Vermouth, Sherry, Kaffir Lime Bitters, and Johnny's extra twists

“A negroni to me is a ritual… a familiar comfort.” — Johnny Rose

Crafted with our Cranberry Gin, we collaborated with Head Bartender, Johnny Rose from Oriental Elixir to make this unique ready-to-drink Negroni—with many twists. Yes, multiple twists because Johnny prefers to live his life asking himself, “Why not?” Make that your mantra too and have a new ritual with Johnny’s Negroni.

Serve with ice or top-up with champagne if you’re feeling bubbly.

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