Orchid Gin


700ml, 42% ABV. The ‘O.G’ is our first and original expression. Singapore’s first ever Gin is a modern one. It is smooth, with the pine of the Juniper unmistakably present. Its herbaceous flavour notes come from classic Gin botanicals with the addition of Vanilla Planifolia Orchid and an unexpected spice: Amchoor.


700ml, 42% ABV. Our ‘OG’ is a modern gin with the unmistakable pine of juniper.

Singapore’s First Gin has been designed to reflect the cultures and cuisines of its home country. The not-so-secret ingredient is in its name: Vanilla Planifolia Orchid. This modern gin is smooth—with the pine of the juniper unmistakably present. Its herbaceous flavour notes come from the classic gin botanicals with a surprising twist—Amchoor—hails from India and is a powdered green mango, adding that extra citrus note. The usual suspects appear too, old-world botanicals like coriander seed and liquorice.

Tasting notes: Gentle citrus nose followed by a herbal and spice note. The palate is smooth and creamy, held over the tongue an earthy herbal flavour appears with some sweetness. Long and smooth finish with a slight peppery warmth that lingers.
How to enjoy: For a gin and tonic, add a stick of Cinnamon with an orange wheel to finish. For an extra lift, add a splash of lime or orange bitters. Also makes an excellent Martini with Maidenii Dry White.