Singapore Gin


A citrusy gin with chilli and ginger to lift the taste buds.


700ml, 42% ABV. A citrusy gin with chilli and ginger to give the taste buds a lift.

Singapore has become our home and we wanted this gin to capture the original pioneer spirit and the range of flavours cultivated and brought into our shores.

Tasting notes: Fresh natural sweet mandarin citrus characters and a hint of orange blossom and kaffir lime. Kaffir Lime on the front palate, sweet mandarin orange citrus with a ginger hint on the middle palate. Young ginger and the Kampot Pepper combine with the chilli to give a hint of warmth that lingers and doesn’t burn.
Ingredients: Juniper, Young Ginger, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Chilli, Cassia and Mandarin Peel.
How to enjoy: For a gin and tonic, 50 ml Singapore Gin Gin, 150 ml Tonic. Add a slice of pineapple and top with fresh kaffir lime leaves. Combine with a large ice cube.