Cacao Gin Liqueur


A Tanglin Creations Lab Special, in collaboration with Lemuel Chocolate.


500ml, 26% ABV. Handcrafted in collaboration with Lemuel Chocolate.

Lemuel Chocolate approached us with a proposition a few months ago: “Could you make something with our waste?” They visited our distillery and handed us a large bag of cacao bean husks and nibs to use. The result is a gin-and-chocolate-lover’s delight: Tanglin x Lemuel’s Cacao Gin Liqueur.

Tasting notes: With its front fruity and floral notes, chocolatey middle and caramel end note
Ingredients: Cacao husks, Tanglin ‘tails’ and Raw cane sugar
How to enjoy: Pour over ice or get creative and make your own ‘Brandy Alexander’